I can practically hear the eye rolls, sighs and ‘not agains’  from all the way over here in Australia, haha.

Yesterday in one of my classes we got on a bit of a tangent and briefly spoke about homosexuality and how Christians handle it. I also just saw a post on a Christian blog about it and I guess that’s why I’m posting this, because it reminded me of our discussion yesterday and I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you, and the thoughts of others in my class. 

I know that some of you who follow me are Christians, and I know some of you may not be. Those of you who are Christians, and probably those of you who aren’t, will be extremely aware of the fact that Christians believe homosexuality is a sin. 

What we were saying in class, which is something I hadn’t really thought about, is that we consider so  many other things a sin, like lying for example, and yet homosexuality is the one we make a huge deal out of, without thinking about the consequences. 

Yes, I believe that two men or two women having sex is a sin, but it’s not worse than any other sin. At all. 

I DEFINITELY don’t have all the answers. My opinions and thoughts on the matter only go so far before I’m just stumped because honestly, I have no idea what the right way to approach this issue is. I do believe that the way Christians are going about it isn’t right thought. 

I know a lot of Christians think that they’re doing homosexuals a favour when they point out their sin. But the thing I’m realising is that to someone who is actually gay, saying ‘God loves you but hates your sin’ is a huge insult and actually really offensive. Without meaning to, you just told someone God hates them, because to them their homosexuality IS them. That’s who/what they are. It’s where they find their identity. Whether you or I believe it’s something people are born with or not isn’t really significant, because they do. I think we make this issue about us when we go around accusing people without thinking about what our words are truly doing to someone. 

I’m not sure what the right way to approach the issue is, because whether we all like it or not, it’s now an issue. We’ve all made it one. I hate this issue, because it leaves so much room for hurt and anger and misconception. 

I struggled with my sexuality for three years. When I think about it, in comparison with those who feel like that for their whole lives, three years isn’t long, but I do think I’ve at least had a really small, minute glimps at what it’s like to struggle with it, and it sucks. I mean for me, I’m a Christian so I had going through my head the whole time the thought that everything I was feeling was wrong… which made me think there was something wrong with me. I was feeling these things for girls… how on earth could I just stop feeling something? Especially when it wasn’t just a feeling like happy or sad that can be changed with a change of circumstance. This was attraction, something I felt like I couldn’t help. 

I’m not saying you can or can’t help it. I’m not saying it’s something you’re born with and I’m not saying it’s not. I’m saying that on the whole topic, I have NO FREAKING IDEA. 

I just know that if you stand there and tell a gay person that either you or God ‘loves them but hates their sin’ you’re basically just telling the person that you/God hates who they are, and thus hates them.

  1. overflowingdaughter said: Honestly, I agree with you. They already know what Christians believe, so instead of judging them or pointing it out to them, how about we just love as Jesus loved? People were changed by His love when He was around them. We are their local Jesus because we have Christ in us…
  2. attendtheteaparty said: Touchy subject, steph. I know I’m biased but in my oppinion if we can all do our part to keep this issue off the internet by not posting things like this, the issue will become somewhat resolved and you’ll end up pissing off far less people in the process.
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