I have so many things to do and 2 hours to do them.
Ideally I need to:
- make up the spare bed
- vacuum
- mop
- put away washing
- continue washing clothes
- get ready for dinner with parents




Willow and P!nk

I love her

I feel like every time I get home from a class at uni, I could easily sit down and write a tumblr post.

Today I had ‘Youth and Spirituality’ class. My lecturer is an awesome spoken word poet and I love the way poets see life. I love the way poets teach. I love that God has blessed these people with such a unique perspective because it is a much needed perspective. 

Today was one of those ‘I am so meant to be here doing this’ moments. 

We were talking a little about adolescent development and what makes someone an ‘adult’.

We were talking about how youth ministries handle youth and their development.

We were talking about how there’s a huge pressure to be perfect in Christian circles, and how that can push young people away from God.

We were talking about how 60-80% of young people in church will leave by the age of 22 for one reason or another.

And all of it both breaks my heart and encourages me to make a change.  

Love is unselfishly choosing for another’s highest good.
C.S. Lewis  (via breanna-lynn)


everything love♥ (source)

It’s like coming home after a long trip. That’s what love is like. It’s like coming home.
Piper Chapman - What is love? (via larmoyante)


(Tasha Marie) | Austen with his horse Princess.